Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Harvest

Yes, that's a tiny carrot in the back.
Happy fall everyone!  The tomatoes are still steadily coming in and I even got another handful of green beans that were late to come in.  This is the only sugar pumpkin that I got, but it's pretty.  I planted another batch of peas and lettuce since the weather is getting to be more favorable for them, and the onions are about ready to start the two week harvesting process. (10 days in the ground after I bend their leaves, a couple days curing in the sun, and a couple more days drying out under cover.)

Apples galore!
Also, we're getting close on the apples.  The mild wind storm we had earlier dropped a ton from the trees, some of them really nice-looking ones. We went through them and saved the good ones.  The ones in the bucket are for keeps, the ones in the wheelbarrow are compost.  It seems like a lot wasted, but most of them are too green to even make pie out of, and the rest have a ton of bugs in them.  There are still a bunch in the tree, I just hope they stay up there for a few more weeks to ripen up.

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