Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday Harvest

The tomatoes are coming in, the zucchini and cucumbers are petering out, and fall is just around the corner. 

There are still plenty more tomatoes on the vine, and the weather forecast for this week indicates they still have a chance of ripening up.  I made salsa last week with some of the 'maters and the jalapeno that we also got from Shawn's plant.  It was delicious.  I think I'll make more soon... I'm hoping to make a batch of marinara also.  I was surprised they did fine during the rainstorm we had this weekend, I was sure some of them would split and fall off. 

Not pictured below is the kabocha squash that a squirrel decided was ready to harvest from the front yard.  Note to squirrel: you were wrong.  It was small, (a little bigger than a baseball,) and pretty good when my dad bbq'd it.  It tasted a little green yet, but it was edible.

The peas are from the second batch I planted in late July.  I may have planted them too early in the summer, and should have fertilized the soil because these plants are smaller than the first ones.
Note the sad little cabbage....

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