Monday, September 19, 2011

How to NOT spend a ton of $ on wedding stationery (Part 1)

I'm frugal.  I'll admit.  Sometimes too much.  I also like the challenge of creating things on my own with what I have to prevent myself from buying things.  This allows a personal touch to what I've made and knowing that no one else has the same thing makes me feel original.

In the last couple weeks, I've sent out the save the date cards (STD's as some call them, hehehe) for our upcoming wedding.  Seeing as how it's a semi-destimation wedding (only because there's a ferry ride involved), a holiday weekend, and we have a lot of out of town guests, we decided a save the date card was in order to give our peeps a heads up.

For those of you who don't know, wedding stationery is expensive.  So I made my own.  Last year I discovered the awesomeness of block printing so I made some prints first.  Then I found a postcard template on Word and typed something up.  This was the hardest part since moving the text boxes and stuff until it was just right was pretty painstaking.  Then I found some card stock that was nice-looking and printed out my cards at home, 4 to a sheet.

Very carefully, I cut out the postcards....

and decorated with the block prints.

Sprayed them with finishing spray, since the block print ink is water-based, and slappity-slapped a stamp on each and sent them away!

Final product: pretty classy, eh?

The backs have the usual: a little message, the addresses of our peeps, as well as a return address for us.

P.S.  The block prints are fiddlehead ferns, just in case you couldn't tell.  (I don't blame you.)

P.P.S.  The first "save the date" print I made I made backwards, the worst mistake any block printer can make.  Major fail.


  1. ,ɘɒnɒH
    !noiƚɒɿiqƨni nɒ ʜɔuƨ ɘɿɒ uoY
    ǫnibbɘw "noiƚɒmiƚƨɘb" nɒ ƨi ,ʜǫuoʜƚ ,ƚɒʜW

  2. soo excited for the celebration AND your blogging along the way!


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