Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Harvest

We got some potatoes this week!  What makes them even better is that they're totally volunteer!  Love it!  The other exciting thing is that the apples on our tree are looking really great and starting to get sweeter.  We still have a couple weeks before we can eat them, but the chickens (babies and aunties) think they're delicious.   The one in the pic is a good example of what the chickens do to them.

We've stopped getting really pretty cucumbers, but the awkward looking ones are still coming.  Can't complain, they're still yummy.  The green beans are slowing down, but the tomatoes are starting to turn yellow, which I'm hoping is a good sign they'll turn reddish before summer is over.  Hold on summer!  And that carrot?  It's the size of my head.  Probably weighs close to a half a pound.  Awesome.

Now all I need is some onions and I see some scrumptious Japanese curry rice in my future.

More interesting posts coming soon.  As soon as I become officially unemployed next week... (sigh.)

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