Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Harvest

This was the week of zucchini.  We got three of 'em.  One was really big because it was hiding under the plant.  It wasn't holy shit big, just normal big.  The green beans are coming in at a steady pace and we also finally got some carrots worth writing home about.  They were interesting as far as their shapes went, but they were both pretty good size.  We also got our first cucumber!  It was a little small, but perfect, just like Abby's first egg. 

Of all the seeds that I got this year from the place in Bellingham, the cucumbers and tomatoes are doing the best, which is surprising because those are the two crops that often disappoint due to our climate.  We ate the cucumber with dinner tonight.  We dipped it in miso and ate it fresh.  Deeeelish!  Probably the best cucumber I've ever eaten.  Of course, because we ate it so fast, it didn't have time for a photo shoot.

Tried to get Nikolai in for a size comparison.  He cooperated.  Sort of.

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