Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chickie progress

No, not that way.  As far as I can tell, Abby and Frannie still hate the babies.  I'm currently writing this from my backyard hammock.  This is where Shawn and I play "rooster" to make sure the older ladies stay in line.  I've decided that unsupervised time will happen once the babies are a little bigger and can hold their own more.

No no.  The progress came as far as their eating habits.  Last year at this time, the ladies were learning to eat lettuce from our hands.  We've been trying to do this with the babies for the last several weeks to no avail.  At first, the babies were just afraid of the lettuce leaf since it was often the same size as them.  We would tear it up into little pieces and throw it on the ground, and they would feign interest, just to walk away. 

I found out this afternoon that apparently these ladies like broccoli leaves better.  They were unsure at first, but the tearing into small pieces tactic worked on Elsa who slurped them down like candy.  Pearl got into the action, and in no time at all they were both eating it right out of my hand.  Success!  Watching their tongues flicking in and out of their beaks was pretty darn cute.

Oh, and their voices are starting to crack a lot.  They still cheep, but they're making chicken sounds more and more.

I tried to take pictures of them but they move too much so I took a video instead.

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