Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Harvestin' 'Taters (Sunday Harvest)

This week, we harvested our potatoes.  There were a couple other areas in the garden where I planted some or where they came up as volunteers and we harvested those a while back.  This was the official harvest of the big batch that we planted in a separate bed near the sunchokes. 

Last year, I harvested the potatoes too early and they were still a little small.  I really couldn't help it, digging for potatoes is by far the funnest harvest because it's like digging for treasures.  This year, I planted them extra early and waited for the plants to be absolutely, positively D-E-D dead before digging anything up.  And it was a HUGE success. 

Not only did we get nearly 10 pounds, but some of these red potatoes were the size of enormous russets.  It was really fun.  I saved the smaller ones and I have to figure out the best way to store them so I can replant them for next year's crop.

As for the rest of the stuff this week, the tomatoes are still trickling in and I found out I waited too long to harvest the one cabbage we had left.  It was starting to get eaten by the various decomposers in the garden and I had to cut a bunch of it off to keep the good parts.  The chickens didn't complain.

I picked the kabocha squash since the plant that was attached to it was dead as well, and also some shiso leaves.  I tried salting them but it didn't work and I had to throw them out.  Luckily we have more, so sushi or shiso pesto may be in order.

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