Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Garden 2011 Recap

Fall is officially here and the garden is pretty much toast.  We're still getting some stuff in, (kale, hopefully another batch of green peas, carrots, onions, and sunchokes) but the now that the sun has begun its 8-month hibernation period, nothing is going to keep growing.  I think the jalapeno plant is trying to have more babies because all of a sudden there are 6 or 7 flowers on the plant.  I'm going to bring the plant inside and try to hand pollinate the flowers to see if we get any more fruit.

Anyway, I thought I would recap the season to help me figure out what next season will entail.

The Success list:
*Peas.  Did I mention they were seeds I got at Goodwill?
*Carrots.  I was skeptical at first but they did well in the end.
*Tomatoes.  Never though I'd say that.
*Rhubarb.  Not that I had to do anything :)
*Zucchini.  As usual.
*Shiso. Started late but got a good harvest anyway.

The Decent list.
*Green beans.  Usually these do so well, kinda disappointed.
*Cabbage.  Barely.
*Kabocha.  Also barely.
*Sugar pumpkin.  Last year's seeds so I'm not surprised.
*The sunflowers.  They were a huge success, but I let the squirrels have them all.

The FAIL list.
*Cauliflower.  We didn't get ANY :(  Never again.
*Broccoli.  We got some, but not nearly close to what we got last year.  I blame the aphids.
*Cantaloupe.  Possibly a weather problem.
*Raspberries.  They're only two years old so I'm not surprised.

So there you have it.

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