Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Harvest

Only one day late this week!

I got to harvest new stuff!  I'm letting the rest of the pea pods get mature and dry out so I can save them to plant for next year.  I'll plant another crop soon from the rest of the seeds I have left for a fall harvest.

I was waiting for the broccoli to get bigger before I harvested, but something seems to be eating them so I had to harvest those too.  Shawn and I felt like we had a disappointing Christmas while pulling our carrots, since none of them came up nice looking at all.  They were all short and stumpy with weird fingers. 

We're still drowning in lettuce and can't seem to keep up because a lot of it is going bitter.  I'm wondering what the reason is for that since there are some lettuce plants that are just barely mature and are bitter already.  Looks like I need to research lettuce bitter-prevention.  Am I not watering them enough?  Oh and I pulled two tiny radishes.  Those haven't even done well this year...

All cleaned up but still looking sad.
You know, I bought these seeds from Uprising Farms in Bellingham for various reasons: heirloom varieties, local, organic, and the fact that I figured if they do well in Bellingham, they should do well here.  Maybe it's the lack of summer we're having, but so far, I've been a bit disappointed.  Maybe things will pick up soon.

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  1. It's a little late for lettuce, but you guys haven't been getting much heat out there have you? I have heard that moisture and available soil nutrients can make lettuce more bitter. Personally I like the taste of micro greens and baby lettuce so I have a couple of big pots that I plant in rotation in the spring and fall.


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