Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Uh oh....

Emergency!  My beloved blog is in jeopardy.  Well it's name is.  Read on:

My friend Susie brought this to my attention.

What do I do?  I haven't gotten a threatening letter yet, but I'm worried.  I doubt that my tiny little blog with less than 20 followers would be a threat, but these people scare me.

And what's wrong with them anyway?  How can these people, who say they are all about stewardship on this earth and joining the fight to save the world trademark stuff like this?  They say on their website that they aren't suing bloggers, tweeting that "Despite recent internet publishing, we are NOT suing bloggers. This is a false and unfounded claim."  O...k... but how did this all get out?  They must have done something to start the rumors, right?

Even if they don't come after me now, what if I write a book about my blog?  Their trademark makes it virtually impossible for me to ever have any monetary gain from this blog or whatever comes from it.  I'm not really planning on making this a living, but what if?  Should I change the name now before it becomes anything?

We homesteaders need to stick together.  These people are making it really hard.

Stewardship.  Look it up people.


  1. I'm sure you'll be fine. I mean, you have the word "hobby" between "urban" and "homesteader." If anything you should try to trademark that.
    I was reading that the authors of the book "The Urban Homesteader" are fighting back.
    I think the trademark might be taken away if legal action is pursued. The term has been around since the 70's and others have been using it in business names since then as well.

  2. what the CRAP?! how can that be a trademark? if they truly believed in their "movement" wouldn't they be happy to learn there are so many like-minded people out there? what about suburban homesteader? take that!


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