Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rest in Peace, Miss Mabel

Dear Mabel-

You went so quickly I don't know where to begin. 

Strut your stuff, girl!
You were the second one we chose.  Sitting on top of your feeder, you stood tall in that box above all your kind and called to us like you knew we were there to pick you.  Even as a wee one you were definitely a fashion super star.  That fluffy feather boa you danced around with and those extra voluminous pantaloons were the reason we labeled you "pretty but dumb."  The dumb part came from the fact that you would occasionally get lost alone and scream out until you realized your sisters were around the corner, just out of view.

Even as a big girl you didn't fail to impress with your beauty.  Those pantaloons stayed extra fluffy, and your markings were those of a painting.  The feather boa turned into a head of beautiful hair that flowed down your neck like silk.  You definitely stayed kinda dumb too.

I believe you were also the first to discover the tastiness of grubs in the grass, but the last to trust us with lettuce.  You were also the last to lay, and the only one on a 26-hour cycle, but your giant, beautifully flawless light brown eggs were worth the extra wait.  You were also the slowest, maybe not because of your intellect, but because that was the way you rolled.  Most things were not worth the rush, and you enjoyed every second of every day at your own pace.  You made everyone laugh when you "helped" Abby lay her egg.  You weren't a big dust bather, but that's probably because you were too pretty to roll around in the dirt.

The only one with brown hair as a baby.
I'm sorry I couldn't tell you were sick.  I thought your comb and wattles looked a little pale, but Abby's do that sometimes too so I guess I didn't think anything was wrong.  Yesterday's egg was just as big and beautiful as the rest, and you ate your snack with your usual laid back enthusiasm.

I guess I should have been more concerned when I found you sleeping on the floor last night.  I thought the sudden darkness of the light turning off just caught you by surprise and you just got stranded on the ground. 

I guess I should have been more concerned when you didn't seem excited to be back up on the roost with your sisters.

I guess I should have been more concerned when you went straight to sleep and let me stand there petting your pretty hair.  I'm glad we had that moment together though.

I'm sorry I had to take you to the Dr. before we let you rest in peace.  I just need to make sure that what got you doesn't get the others.  I hope you understand.  I promise we'll get you back home to be with your sisters, back to the environment that you made so much more fun, entertaining, and fulfilling with your presence.

Always in the background.
We'll miss you Mabel.  You were the prettiest.  You laid the biggest eggs.  You were the loudest, the slowest, the dumbest (but sometimes the smartest), the fluffiest, and the calmest. But best of all, you were Mabel.  We loved you more than we thought we could ever love a chicken and promise to remember you forever.  The trio is down to two now, and that just doesn't seem right.  The backyard seems a little lonelier, but your sisters will definitely keep going where you left off.

Rest in Peace Sweet Miss Mabel.



  1. I'm so sorry Hanae!!! Poor miss Mabel, she will be missed :(

  2. Oh Hanae! I'm so sorry you've lost such a wonderful part of your family. Thank you for sharing so many Mabel stories. May there be plenty of grubs for her on the other side.


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