Monday, December 13, 2010

School's out! It's crafty time!

First of all, I wanna congratulate everyone who just finished or is about to finish with fall quarter!  A giant e-five goes out to all!  Booyah!

To celebrate, (and to reward myself,) I went to the art store on 45th by Petco.  What an amazing store!  First of all, it's HUGE and everything is super cheap.  On top of the already crazy low prices, ALL of their printmaking supplies are 50% off until Christmas!  I bought what I thought was a lot of stuff, but it only ended up being 7 bucks.  Super sweet.

Anyway, being a poor grad student, I have been busy hand-crafting a lot of my gifts for the season.  Each year I usually go into mass production of something that can be appreciated by many just to keep costs down and be efficient.  I've made fudge, truffles, and fingerless gloves in the past, and this year it's cards made from block prints.  Did I just give away a surprise?  Maybe I should have waited until after Christmas to post this.  Oh well.

I learned the basics of printmaking last year at IslandWood, and I've become obsessed.  I have about 6 or so prints, some I made at the 'Wood, some I've made since I've been home.  I just made a Christmas one, you know, just in case I feel like sending some out this year.  Today was just a printing day.  Here are the fruits of my labor.

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