Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chickie ER visit #2

Abby had to go to the chickie ER today.  Let me tell you in fairy tale form:

Once upon a time, there are three chickies.  Abby is the alpha.  She always follows the humans, chases intruders out of the yard, and is super smart.  Frannie is the big one.  She looks like a scary vulture but is actually really sweet and is the best mommy.  Mabel is the dumb one.  She's very vocal and sometimes picks on the other two, but she sure is purdy!  One day, Lady Owner came home to find Abby with an injury on her head.  Oh no, thought Lady Owner, who looked closely to find Abby's comb partly torn off.  Lady Owner couldn't help but panic, since Abby is her favorite. (Don't tell the other two.)  She called the vet who said there was a cancellation that evening and she should bring Abby in to get it checked out.

At the vet, Abby acted her usual self and hammed it up.  Everybody thought she was super cute, just the bees knees.  The doctor looked at her, gave her some gas, sewed her up, and gave her a pain injection.  Luckily Lady Owner was able to get her in so quickly that antibiotics were avoided.  All was happy again, and Lady Owner was relieved as she took Abby back home.

However.... When Lady Owner and Abby got home... oh no!  Abby's stitches were busted open!  Bad girl Abby!  Even though the vet's office was closed, Lady Owner (and Man Owner, since he was home from work,) had no choice but to take her back in, this time as an emergency.  Poop.  A different vet looked at Abby this time and sewed her up nice and tight, and even added glue to make sure it stayed together.  Even though she's a bad girl, Abby was able to win over this dr's heart as well with her tender, mild-mannered attitude.  Man Owner made sure to keep an eye on sneaky Abby during the car ride home so she couldn't ruin all the dr's hard work for a second time. 

Lady Owner and Man Owner were super hungry so they decided to drive through the giant golden M on their way home, (much to the chagrin of Lady Owner.)  The cashier at the M thought it was funny that there was a chicken in the car, especially since Man Owner ordered chicken nuggets. 

Once home, Lady Owner and Man Owner had to sit and watch Abby for a while so she or her sisters don't try to rip out the stitches.  Frannie and Mabel seemed ok, but that Abby, she's still tryin' to scratch 'em out.  The two tired owners tucked them into bed with hopes that when they check on her in a few hours, everything will be in one piece.

It was an exciting night.  Lady Owner is down $300 had to miss an important event at her great learning establishment.  But it's ok, Abby's owner's love her and will do what they have to do to keep her happy and healthy.

The. End.

Here are some pitchures.  They're hard to take when no one is holding her.

Dinosaur eyes.
This is her Badass face.
(You might be wondering why this is ER visit #2.  #1 was by Frannie when they were still babies.  She got really sick and had a bad fever, and was pretty close to dying.  But she got antibiotics and got all better.)

In much happier news, today was our first 3-egg day.  That puts us up to 16 eggs in 15 days.  This is official proof that Mabel is now laying.  I know for sure who laid which eggs today, so I can compare them to see any differences in them.  Maybe I'll be able to tell who lays what from now on, when they're not all in sync.  Fannie's are the darkest, Abby's are a little lighter, and Mabel's are the lightest and a little rounder and smaller.  (They're all brown.)  Frannie lays first around 11am, Abby lays around noon, and Mabel lays sometime in the afternoon.  Or so it's been so far...


  1. i'm glad Abby is going to be okay (boo for $300). do you know how her comb got hurt in the first place? i have to admit that the part about Shawn ordering chicken nuggets made me laugh out loud.

  2. Yikes! I'm glad Abby is okay, too :) Have you eaten any of the eggs yet? Or what's the plan with them? Also, what makes an egg brown vs. white? ...weird, i never thought of any of this before....i hope you guys covered Abby's dinosaur eyes at the drive thru! :p

  3. we don't know how she did it. At first we thought it was Mabel, but the cut was too big and clean so she must've caught it on something.

    April- Different colored eggs just come from different breeds. Some say it depends on the color of the hen, but there are some black hens that lay white eggs so that's not entirely true. Different breeds just have various chemicals that tint the egg right as it's being laid. The eggs themselves are exactly the same no matter what color. There are some chickens that lay light blue or green eggs too!


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