Sunday, August 4, 2013

Gussy Beans! A Double Sunday Harvest

This might be my most exciting harvest this season.  Or EVER.

I should have planted more!
I'm obsessed.  They are so freakin' adorable.  When I opened the first pod, it was like laying my eyes upon 4 cute little kittens that all looked like my sweet little furry babies. I knew they would look like this but to see them for real coming out of my garden was almost too much to handle. And from the looks of the pods, you would never guess that the beans would look so unique.  Love love love it!  I will call them Gussy Beans.  Gussy Beans will make a delicious pot of chili in the fall.

Look closely...

See the resemblance?
The green beans just keep coming, though I think they are finally closing out, and I spotted some edamame emerging so that's exciting.

These purple dragon beans are just as interesting-looking as they sound.
Oh, and last weekend I pulled my garlic that I planted from cloves last winter since the plants were looking nice and dead.  The bulbil plants just shot up some nice scapes so I harvested those as well and gave them to a friend since I didn't want them.

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