Saturday, October 20, 2012

The No 'Poo Diaries: Week 2

Much the same.  Went to the gym so had to give it a wash.  Still feels pretty good.

Finally woke up with bad hair.  It just doesn't lay right, and it feels a little sticky.  I think my bangs are just starting to get a little long.  I should trim 'em up a bit.  Maybe this means that all the residue from years of using chemicals to wash my hair has all been stripped out.  Now my hair has to get used to this new stuff.  It doesn't smell like my old shampoo and conditioner anymore either.

Looking a little greasy through the day, had to put it up to make it look ok.  Washed it using the normal process.  What I noticed during blow drying though, that my hair seems to be lighter in color.  I wonder if the vinegar and heat combination is adding highlights to my hair?  That would be totally cool.  I like it.

Woke up with awkward hair again, still haven't trimmed my bangs, I really need to do that. 

My hair feels super sticky today.  It's not really soft, but honestly, it still looks pretty good.  As long as you don't touch it, it looks fine.

Pretty much the same as yesterday, sticky feeling, but looking fine.  By the end of the day it was starting to get pretty greasy again.  Now that I'm coming up to on two weeks since starting this, I'll have to think about some tweaks to my regimen.  Still washed it with the regular amounts of baking soda and vinegar.  Blow dried it and if feels GREAT.  And it looks great too.  It's a shame I'm going to bed and will likely wake up tomorrow morning with bedhead.

My hair feels a little different today.  Not sticky, more smooth, and looking great.  I won't be washing it tonight but starting tomorrow, I think I'm going to change up the amounts of stuff I'm using.  Now that it has been almost two weeks since starting this experiment, the little soldiers on my scalp that make oil should be getting used to not being stripped of all their hard work and should be slowing down production.  I was hoping that eventually it will get to the point where I only have to wash my hair every 3-4 days without it looking greasy.  I really hate washing my hair and blow drying it is such a pain.  Clearly I'm not there yet though, and I'm wondering if lessening the amount of vinegar I'm using as conditioner will help.  I think  I'll try that.  Let's see how it goes!

And here is a lovely picture of Nikolai:

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