Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday Harvest 2012!

I know I know, I said I would do this last weekend.  But I need to ease myself into this whole Sunday Harvest thing again.  And, my harvests aren't going to be as good as they were last year, since my garden, though thriving, isn't in the best conditions to give me an interesting and diverse harvest.  But next year... you watch out next year, my garden's gonna kick your ass!!!

But getting back to the point, this is 2 weeks of harvests in one. (Not including some of the stuff that we harvested already and I failed to tell you all about.)

Last week we had a couple zucchini, some green onions, some carrots, the final bok choy (we had so much, we're kind of sick of it,) and a pumpucchini.  That's one of my pumpkin/zucchini hybrids.  I picked it just to see what it was like.  The ones I left on the plant are getting super big.

I also picked a volunteer catnip that has sprung up around my tomatoes.  The following is a montage of what happened after it entered the house:

It was entertaining.  It was gone quickly, Nikolai didn't puke it up, and the kitties were happy.

This week we got a couple handfuls of snow peas, more zucchinis, beets, and carrots.  I wish I had planted more beets.  There's nothing more satisfying than pulling root vegetables.

There.  Sunday Harvest 2012 has started.  Now to just keep up...

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