Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Surprise Jungle

My hard work has paid off.  All that time I spent planting seeds in pots and filling my greenhouse to the brim with seedlings, and building garden boxes amidst a wedding fast approaching, has paid off in the form of garden harvests and a backyard that looks like a jungle.

I haven't been able to do any Sunday Harvest posts yet, but some of the things that we've gotten include:

They stayed small because they were grown in pots.
*Bok choi
*Green onions

Just to think that I was preparing myself to not have a garden at all, but then getting completely different results is super satisfying.  There are some things that stayed in pots too long and got their growth stunted, but overall, everything is doing really well.

We've had one setback though: the ladies have figured out how to get out of their area and have eaten a bunch of my kale.  It's pretty sad.  I got mad.  So now they have no outside privileges and we have some serious incentive to build their permanent run.

Sad, sad naked kale.
Oh, and here's something cool.  I planted what I thought was a sugar pumpkin seed, and the plant is doing really well, but the resulting fruit is questionable.  It's colored like a zucchini, but shaped kind of like an elongated pumpkin.  My guess is that it is the offspring of a pumpkin/zucchini cross pollination.  I'm really interested in seeing what happens to it.  Will it turn orange?  Will it be edible?  How big will it get?  So exciting!

It's pretty big.
Here's something else that's cool.  For years, we have had a peach pit knocking around in our garden/compost pile.  It has made the rounds from worm bin to compost pile, from garden bed to chicken coop.  Somehow it followed us to the new place.  Since it's been around so long, we've been treating like a rock and ignoring it.  But for some reason, it liked its new digs so much that it germinated.  Both seeds in the pit sprouted to now we have baby peach trees.  They seem really happy, and we're kinda excited about this year's volunteers.

The peach twins.
Yay for gardens.  On a final note: I planted 15 tomato plants.  I hope I get so many I feel like I'm drowning in them.

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