Monday, January 23, 2012

Staying Warm

In the spirit of the snowtacular debacle that Seattle went through last week, I decided to finish a project that I started a couple months ago.  (It also helped that I didn't work at all thanks to snow days.)  I had this yarn lying around that I bought years ago to make a sweater with.  The resulting sweater was NOT flattering so I took it apart and haven't remade it since.

Fast forward to the last several months and I've found myself spending a lot of inactive time outside.  I spend about an hour a day supervising free time outside at the school I work at and I've been getting cold.  So I felt I was in need of a scarf or hat or.... both in one!

Off to I went and found a pattern.  Unfortunately, I can't link it here since Ravelry is a members-only site and this particular pattern is available for download.  That makes it sound really exclusive but it's not.  It's free to sign up and most of the patterns are free also.  Whether you are an avid knitter or not, I suggest signing up just to have access to all the variety of patterns.

Anyway, the pattern I found is called MidWinter Wanderer so you can search for that and likely find it.

It was pretty easy.  Mostly knits and purls, with a cable pattern to follow.  That's basically it.  No complicated stitches or patterns.

This will keep me warm during those cold hours of standing around making sure kids play well together.

Here is a sequence of awkward photos of me.  I don't like photo shoots.  Just look at the shrug thingie.

I like the cable pattern.

I wish the front was more interesting.

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  1. That thing is awesome! So little-old-lady-awesome. (That is totally a compliment!)


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