Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Harvest

But the purple ones had the best flavor.
I played outside today.  And this is what happened.  ----->

Carrots generally stay good in the ground for a while so not picking them is the best way to store them until you want to use them.  But I picked one earlier this week that was cracked and had some worms in it, so I decided to pick the rest.  They also last a long time in my 'fridge in a bit of water. 

Carrot-pulling is so fun.  You never know how big they're going to be.  The seeds I got were a mixed trio of yellow, orange and purple carrots, but by far, the yellow ones did the best. 

The other thing I harvested were the sunchokes!  Also equally fun.  The plants were 8ft or so tall, so I just grabbed the thick stalks and yanked up.  Most of the tubers came out attached, and the ground was so dry that I didn't even have to wash them off.  I'm so excited to eat them!

Yay for root vegetables!
I only harvested half the batch, since I'm waiting for the plants to die off a little more.  And they'll keep fine in the ground. 

Last, but not least, the ladies were all in sync today with their egg-laying.   When I went out there at 11am this morning, I was greeted with four beautiful eggs.  (Oh, by the way, Elsa started laying last week.)  I can still tell the difference between all of them, and I hope they stay that way.  Unfortunately, when the babies' eggs start getting bigger, I have a feeling I won't be able to tell anymore. 

Abby's is the one on the top right, Frannie's is below that, Pearl's is at the bottom left, and Elsa's is above Pearl's.  I love Elsa's eggs because they're super round with almost a purple hue. 

Also, Elsa has gotten very social lately.  She follows us around wherever we go.  It's really cute.

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