Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Phonebook: The Rest of the Story

Apparently the phonebook experiment I conducted a while ago to help with baby chicken integration was done incorrectly.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised since it came to my ears after passing through 5 others.  (My grandma's friends hairdresser-->my grandma's friend-->my grandma-->my dad-->me.)  I'm still unclear on the whole story but let me tell you how I understand it thus far:

When I heard the story, I thought the phonebook was supposed to be on the ground.  Too simple.  According to my grandma's friend's hairdresser, the phone book must be hung in such a way that the pages flutter above the chickens.  I am still unsure of how it can be hung in a way to achieve this result, but I guess I can see how that would work better than if it was on the ground, asking to be walked over.

Regardless of whether the phone book method was executed correctly or not, the end result was what I wanted.  The ladies are incredibly happy and getting happier each day.  They almost look like they are part of one single flock now.  At this point, any improvement in their politics outweighs my expectations for for their relations, so I'm a happy homesteader.

The planter box is a very popular hangout location.

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