Sunday, January 30, 2011

At ease, ladies, at ease...

I learned something new about my chickies today.  It all started when Abby stopped laying 3 days ago.  She's laid an egg almost every day since she started laying so this is pretty weird.  Otherwise she's acting fine so I wasn't super worried, but Shawn did some research anyway, to get some answers.  It turns out that chickens reach peak laying at 35 weeks and that lasts for 10 weeks.  After that, production drops off a little.  Considering she started laying on November 22nd, 10 weeks since that date will be tomorrow.  Makes complete sense, right?  Honestly, laying an egg once a day must take a ton of energy out of a little hen like her.  Can you imagine laying something full of protein and calcium the size of your head everyday?  Seriously.  So, since I was a little worried that she was over-exerting herself, I'm ok with her taking it easy from now on.  Frannie also seems to be slowing down, and Mabel still lays everyday, but she started late so in a week's time she should start to take it easy too.  It'll take me a few days to get used to not getting three eggs a day but I'll get used to it.

12/1/2011 Update: This is totally wrong.  After I started giving the ladies snacks to supplement their regular feed, they picked right back up.

Oh yeah... I'd like to give a shout out to Oreo, my friend's black australorp rooster.  He had a short but fulfilling life, being the only male on a farm, surrounded by his harem of hens.  I kind of wanted to adopt him since I thought he would make a nice boyfriend to our three ladies, but of course, that could not be possible with neighbors so near.  He passed this week, from natural causes.  Rest in peace, Oreo.

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