Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Birthday, Eddy!

Happy Birthday to my dearest. She's one today.


I can't believe it's been a year already. It simultaneously was the longest yet quickest year of my life.

It's been hard, at times, I'll admit to that. But those hard times are far far far outweighed by how awesome this little human is becoming. Shawn and I will look at her and then look at each other, then look at her again and just shake our heads. How is it that we created something a gajillion times cooler than us combined? Nature. It's a crazy thing.

As with all first birthday parties, it was a combined celebration of her greatness as well as a "hooray, we didn't fail as parents" party for the two of us. As with all celebrations in our family, we had tons of food and a delicious cake made by my pa. Eddy had fun with her friends, we had fun with ours, and it was a good time.

The only hiccup was when Eddy decided to get ambitious and eat an entire strawberry before I could stop her and nearly choked on it. She recovered quickly when she discovered that there was a whole cake hidden underneath that strawberry.

Oh, watching her discover the magic of cake. It was the highlight of the party. See below.

"You all sing weird." 
At first a little shy... 
Best way to eat cake: by the fistful.
"Soooo gooood!"
That sprinkle was on her forehead the whole time.
Holy cuteness.
Precake: Playin' piano with friend Truman.

Happy birthday, my sweetness. Here's to so many more. (But there really is no rush.)

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