Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stretching and Yawning

Have you been outside???  It's lovely.  Really lovely.  This is the weather that Seattleites like to hide from out-of-towners to prevent too many people from moving here.  You know, that's why it rarely happens.

Anyway, I've noticed that every year, I write a "spring is here" post as if it's a surprise that nature is cyclical and that winter has an end.  But when the winter is long and dark and boring like it is around here, I guess it does seem like it's never-ending by the time February rolls around.

Why skip it this year?

So without further ado...

Spring is here!  The daffodils I planted are up and shining bright, and the tulips are beginning to open.  I've been hearing a red-winged blackbird on my runs and all the dead-looking plants are budding and little green leaves are poking their tiny heads out.

I've been planting seeds like crazy, the greenhouse is almost full, and we've even done some landscaping.  Our brains are full of plans to further beautify our yard and the season of full weekends and dirty fingernails is in full effect! 

It feels pretty damn good I must say.

I used to do this regularly as a child.  This is what I got from 2 shovel-fulls of dirt.

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