Monday, December 3, 2012

Fluffier, Warmer, Stronger, Better

We've got some happy chickens.  Well, I don't know exactly how happy the ladies are (I'm sure they are a bit,) but I sure do know one chicken mommy who is happy.  Why am I so happy?

See exhibit A:

Her tail is still in the process of coming in fully.
Now see exhibit B:

Fluffy belly!  I haven't seen this in over a year!
and exhibit C:

Elsie's pantaloons are as fluffy as ever.
and finally, exhibit D:

Pearl is even whiter than she was before.
They are fluffier, their colors are bolder, they look cleaner, and I can rest easy that they have a full down jacket on during these upcoming cold winter months.  The only worry I have left is that Abby decides too late in the game that she wants to join the molting club also.  If that's the case, she may find herself sleeping in the garage for a bit.  I can breathe a sigh of great relief.

And a bonus:

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