Saturday, November 10, 2012

No 'Poo: The Conclusion

Before I get started, I have a challenge for you.  What is this a picture of?  Hint: it came from the kitchen.  (Don't scroll down if you don't want the answer right away.)

So it's been five weeks since I started my no shampoo experiment.  Last time you heard from me at the end of week two, I was feeling a little disappointed in how little my hair had improved and the stickiness that was lingering.  I was also noticing dandruff that I didn't notice before, which just about made me quit the whole thing altogether.

Luckily, things have gotten a ton better since.  First, I experimented with the amount of vinegar I was using, and found that it really doesn't make too much difference.  I think using less worked better for me, and I focus spraying to the ends of my hair to help with de-tangling.

At the end of week 4, my hair went through a breakthrough.  The stickiness I was feeling, which made it feel like my hair wasn't clean at all, suddenly went away.  It still gets too greasy to go more than 2 days without washings, but now, each time it's been washed it feels just like it did when I was using shampoo. 

I've also begun using baking soda to wash my face.  It's got great exfoliating powers, and it rinses away much easier than face soap.  And my face feels super clean.  I use it every other day.

To top it all, I'm so used to the hair washing proecss now that I don't even think twice about it.

I was skeptical there for a while, but I think this no 'poo thing is here to stay.  Yes.

Ok, now for the answer to our little riddle.

Eggs!  It happened when I was trying to oil them.  Usually when an egg cracks while boiling only the white comes out.  But for some reason, the yolk broke and all of it came out and solidified in ribbon form.  So cool and kind of gross at the same time.

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