Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I don't have any.  For anything.  I'm freakin' out!

Well not really.  At least I'm trying not to anyway.  Being that we're 12 days out from wedding-time and just got the keys to the new house we'll be moving to, things are getting a little cray cray around here.  I'm making lists like a mad woman and the TV hasn't been turned on in days.

I'm trying to enjoy it.  This is a time of really exciting changes that I want to look back on with fond memories.  I don't want to remember this time as a time I was too stressed out and frustrated and angry and rushed and a whole slough of other negative feelings.  I'm only letting good feelings come around here. 

But it's hard.  I had to take Gus to the vet today because he was acting really funny like he had a really bad tummy ache and wasn't eating at all.  He's acting like he's feeling better now but he still won't eat and that's what's currently stressing me out the most.  (It could be that he's just reflecting the stress that I'm feeling.  In that case I would feel really bad for doing that to him.)

As far as wedding stuff goes, I'm feeling surprisingly in control.  I have a list of stuff that I still need to do but it's a manageable one and each day I tick more and more off of it.  Centerpieces: done.  Favors: ready.  Seating chart: almost there.  Booze: purchased.  Ceremony: planned.  Dress: fits.  Rehearsal: planned.  Peeps: coming into town next week. 

But here's the kicker: this stress I'm feeling is totally all my fault.  Why?  Because of my insistence on having a garden.  In March, back before we knew where and when we would be moving, I planted a ton of seeds hoping, just hoping, that I would have somewhere to put them.  Now that we have a house and a yard to put them in, I know that this dream is about to become a reality...

...as soon as I build some planter boxes.  The new place has a great yard.  The only problem is that it's ALL LAWN.  So we need to build some garden boxes, and quick, because those seeds I planted back in March are really starting to outgrow their greenhouse.  My goal is to get it done by this weekend.  I think I can do it.  I'll make sure to document the process so you all can see the transformation our backyard will go through from plain Jane to urban homesteading paradise!

And don't get me started on the stress I'm feeling about having to build another chicken coop for the ladies at the new place. 

(Take a deep breath.  Do it for Gus.)

I long for the days of kitty cuddling.

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