Saturday, May 14, 2011

The 411.

I should do picture only posts more often, yesterday's was so easy...  But alas, even though a picture can say a thousand words, I can say ten thousand!!!  Whatever.  Here's the deal:

They're babies.  I mean, really babies.  Today they're 3 days old.  That means a little over 36 hours ago, they were still in their eggs.  This also means that they are about the size of eggs too... tiny.  So tiny that they both fit snugly into your hand and weigh absolutely nothing. 
However, they grow fast.  We've had them almost 24 hours now, and already, their little wing feathers are starting to open up and they're flapping them around.  They were only eating wood chips yesterday, but have finally realized that they also have food as an option.

They're pretty adorable.  I can't stop playing with them.  When we went to get them yesterday, they were in different cages so didn't know each other at first.  Even though they're super babies, you could tell they were trying to size each other up on the ride home and decide who was going to be the boss.  I can't tell who won, but they're buddies now.

So this is Pearl.  She's a Delaware.  When she's grown up, she'll look like this.  Pretty, huh?  She was the only one in her cage that had this black spot on her head, so obviously, I had to pick her.  She's definitely the loud one.  Her chirps are ear-piercing and it doesn't take much to get her going.

And this, once again, is Elsa.  She's a partridge rock.  She gets to look like this.  She's the same breed as Abby, but a different color.  We decided to go with her because Abby is awesome, and we wouldn't mind having another one of her around.  I think she's just the prettiest.  Her chirp is definitely quieter, and she doesn't scream her little head off over every little thing.

They've taken over our bathroom, but luckily we have two in this house.  Shawn and I are still planning on doing lots of showering at the gym for the next 8 weeks or so.  The only problem with getting them this tiny is that they need to stay inside the house for about 12 weeks, and at least 3 weeks of that under a heat lamp.  We got our first babies when they were 4 weeks old so we were able to avoid that part.  Oh well.  The reputable place we got them from would have sold out of them had we not gotten them yesterday and we would've had to go back to the other place which we didn't want to do.

And here's a video of what they do in their free time:  Which is all the time.

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  1. Hey, I have a question for you. Why didn't you just sneak the chicks into the coop at night? The family I worked for just put their new chicks under their chickens in the middle of the night and the chickens thought that the chicks were theirs. Just wondering because my friends are getting new chicks next weekend and were debating how they were going to go about it.


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