Friday, October 8, 2010

My Bible...

Check this out! This is currently my favorite thing in my house. My dad brought it back from my gramma's house for me, and I nearly pooped my pants when I saw it. He brought it back for me because of all the green tomato recipes. (Since this summer left us with A LOT of those.) But who cares about green tomato recipes when there are 8,000 other cool things in here!!!

Think about it: Do you think you'll ever need to know how to draw maple syrup? How about help an orphaned bird? Braid a rug? Grow super salad greens? Breed livestock? Heal with natural remedies? Break your cat's bad habits? No worries, this book has your back! I've only looked through a tiny fraction of it, but oh man, it's 475 pages of totally amazing.

The home remedies section reminds me of Hogwarts Potions class.

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